Off for the Azores

Code, Ted, Steve, and Bill left for the Azores today.  It is the longest leg and should take at least 16 days (if the wind is perfect) but up to 20.  Given the fact that winds are blowing FROM Europe, I figure it may be more like 22 days.  They will spend less time in the Azores than planned so that they can get to the mainland as close to their estimated arrival time as possible.  If the kids and I get to Portugal before Code, then we will rent a studio apartment for a few days and just hang out.

Code will call me in the evenings to check in for weather and position updates--so just a 1-2 minute call is all.  We're getting used to his absence, but the kids and I miss him like crazy!  



First Leg complete!  Six days and nights later. The last three days were somewhat painful - all the wind was on our nose (unusual for this time of year) so we were bashing through the waves. Eventually we gave up and turned on the engine and made straight for port. Arriving in Bermuda was very nice indeed. We made landfall at about 4:00 and then 3 hours later we had cleared customs and anchored safely in the cove with about 40 other sailboats. 

Here we are sailing through the cut at St. Georges:

Day 1 in Bermuda, highest priority was a shower! We found what amounted to a garden hose in a hut for $2 a piece. Heaven! On the ocean we had baths in the world's largest tub. Here I am about 300 miles from land having a saltwater bath

Day 2 we started prepping for the next leg of our trip and found out pretty quickly that we'd broken a part of the rig (nothing serious but certainly necessary) In the end it amounts to a sort of bolt that costs a whopping $10. Of course nobody in Bermuda has this part, so we have to have it shipped in from the US - argh! That cost us about 5 days minimum. Oh well- There are worse places to be stranded. 

So, on to Bermuda. Beautiful, Expensive, Beautiful. The people are incredibly friendly. For example - we met a fireman in Hamilton who drove us all over the place to look for our little bolt. In the end he gave us a tour of the main Bermuda Fire station and a T-Shirt souvenir!  His name is David. 

Here is a shot of our anchorage field. We're out there somewhere...

At this point, we're prepping for departure, spending time at the yacht club (free wifi) and generally seeing the sights of Bermuda. We're hoping to leave early this coming week, as always waiting for the right weather window.

Why Knot out...



Arrival in Bermuda!

They got to Bermuda about 2:30 today.  The strong headwinds/waves slowed them down by a day. Havent talked to Code yet, sounds like they are looking for a spot for the next couple of nights. 


Finally did speak with Code.  All is good.  Sounds like it was a difficult day getting into the harbor, setting two anchors (sandy bottom), dealing with customs...all as expected.  Sounds like they are seeing beautiful clear blue water.

Seas werent too bad (only crossing the Gulf Stream did they see any larger waves - 15-18 feet at times).  The winds were coming directly from the SE for the last 2 days.  Since beating directly into the wind is impossible, they had to go way up north then south again to make any headway.    At the end, they decided to motor.  Plenty of fuel, water, and food.   They're going out for beers this evening, probably pretty happy to be on land.  They'll reprovision and leave for the Azores in a few days.

I'll hear more tomorrow.  Looking forward to some details! 




A phone call: 150 miles to go

Just heard from Code. We had a superbrief conversation - about 2 minutes.   The guys took a nice ocean swim today, no more seasickness, and they're doing OK.  They had an especially great sail yesterday. They are doing a lot of motor-sailing for now since winds are now from the east so they're only making about 4 knots.   They will headoff a bit south so they can avoid going straight into a headwind; they should be in Bermuda either tomorrow night or early on Wednesday morning-a little later than expected.  Code said to tell Mary that Rob says 'Hi and I love you'!  Steve say the same to Taryn.

He doesnt seem to be getting all my text messages but will reset the sat phone's GPS fix and see if that helps.  If not, I will call Inmarsat again.





Looks like just over half way to Bermuda

I get the occational text with location, but it isnt very consistent.  I will call Inmarsat offices tomorrow to check in to see why I am not getting all of Codes texts.

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