Where in the World?...

We're HOME!

Thanks everyone for following our European adventure.   We're planning our next journey, so stay tuned. 

One thing's for sure- "Life moves pretty fast- if you don't look around once in awhile, you could miss it!"   - Ferris Bueller 


Nice to be home!


Welcome to the sailling vessel WHY KNOT home page!  Here, we will document our family's year long sail starting from Annapolis Maryland to the Mediterranean.   The Why Knot left May 6, 2011 and will all return  TO THE US JUNE 12, 2012.

Where: JFK

Who: Just us crew, boat will stay in Preveza Greece for the time being.

How: we will rent a car from JFK and drop in Phila.

When: June 12 arrive JFK, then to Phila (Momma Whitley's) for a few days.  Then to DC for a visit, or a stay, depending on what Shelly and Ivan (our renters) need.  We (me and kids) might go to Saltspring if we can; Code will go to Ottawa to see what there is to see.


You can also access the link to our interview from November 29.  We're now Marmaris celebrities!

We are on the move again!!


What we're doing:


March 28- April 5 :  Leave Marmaris for a week long trip to Gocek, Fethiye, and Dalyan.


October 28 to November 11: Western Turkey road trip to Ephesus, Troy, Istanbul, Ankara, Cappadocia, Antalia

October 23: Marmaris

We were unaffected by the Oct 24 EARTHQUAKE which hit far eastern Turkey.  We are on the west coast, did not feel a thing, and nothing has been disrupted.  Thanks for your thoughts and concern. 

10-11 October:  Bozborun, Turkey.

7-8-9:  Simi Island.  One night ducked in a little cove with great swimming.  Two nights in the harbor waiting out some rain.

6 October:  Kos Island.  Just a stopover on the move to Turkey.

5 October:  Levitha Island.  Deserted harbor, our last stop in the Cyclades.  Then to the Dodecanese on our way to Turkey.

4 October:  Amorgos Island.  Wind has calmed down and it is still just warm enough to swim.

3 October: Skinousa.  Stop along the way to Amorgos from Naxos.  Cute little harbor. 

28 Sept - 2 October:  Naxos Harbor, Naxos Island.  Waiting for calmer weather.  Tomorrow is supposed to be 40 knot winds for most of the day.  Think we'll stay put for a while!

27 September:    Liviti, also on Paros Island.  Made some headway around toward Naxos today, but slow going into the wind.

25-26 September:  Aliki on Paros Island.  A teeny off the grid sweet village with 1/2 dozen restaurants and a few hotels. Trying to make the best of the big winds.

24 September:  Seriphos.  Wind is picking up and will change our plans in the Cyclades.

21-23 September: Poros.  Our Second Greek Island (first was Kephalonia).  Waiting out windy weather before leaving for the Cyclades.

20 September:    Corinth and Corinth Canal - on our way again!!

8-19 September:  Navpaktos, Greece.  Goodbye Amy and Dimitri!

5 - 8 September:  Missalonghi, Greece.  Sending Code off to US, reprovision, clean up and go.

3-4 September:  Kephalonia, Greece. Rest, reprovision, repairs.

31 August -2 September: Passage to Greece (will be off line until we arrive and find wifi hotspot or connector stick).

30-31  August:  Stromboli Island in the Aeolian Islands.

28-29 August:  Passage to Stromboli

26 and 27 August:  Positino and Amalfi

We will check out the beatiful landscapes and coast before leaving for Messina (the toe of Italy's boot) on the 28th.  We were going to leave today, but it is so beautiful, we have to stay another day.

24 and 25 August:  Touring Vesuvius and Pompeii

It is 2090 years to the day that Vesuvius erupted (August 24) and buried Pompeii (August 25).  Could we have timed things any better than that??

22 and 23 August:  Ischia and Baia

Underwater wonders.  Fumerella (bubbling seas) of Ischia and sunken Roman ruins of Baia.

For more detailed information read our individual log sites (Captain's log or logs of us crew members) which are updated regularly to describe our experiences.



On this website, you will find:


  • Where in the world? where we'll post a map noting the location of the boat.  Updates will lack granularity as the location has to be done manually (ie: not by GPS).  I will update daily when I recieve texts from Code.
  • A guestbook - please sign in!  I love to knowwe have 'visitors'!
  • Email link for us
  • Personal Log Book for each of us where we'll document our personal experience (where we hope you post comments for each of us).  Ships log= Captain's log.  Janet's log reflects the Mom's perspective...  Aethan and Graeme will start maintaining their logs once we depart.
  • Lots of photos

If you would like to email us individually: secretcodename at gmail dot com (or ccubitt 'at yahoo dot com') or whitleyjl 'at yahoo dot com'.

Fairwinds and following seas!

Code Cubitt, Janet Whitley, Aethan, and Graeme




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