19 June Check in

Everything is OK. Wind, which has been almost non-existant for the last few days, is picking up.   They are on track to arrive in Cascais on Tuesday morning.  Steve goes home on Wednesday.  The boys and I arrive on Wednesday night.  I have been saying sad goodbyes to friends, our home, and these years of childhood (more in my log).



15 June Check in

Code says the night they left the Azores, they went through a small storm.  After that, he says it has been calm winds and flat seas.  They expect to get to the town of Cascais on Monday evening or Tuesday morning at the lastest.  It is a little town that he has heard is beautiful and is a short train ride from the airport.  Hope it isnt too far, since the boys and I will be exhausted when we get there!

Hard to believe they are almost there.   Will hear again from him Friday.


June 12 - Arrived

We're here. Short update...

17 days, 2 storms, 4 days of becalmed and otherwise beating to weather (uphill climb) the whole way.  We averaged 4.8knots. We saw 4 whales, 100's of dolphins, birds, and jellyfish.  We're in the Azores now (about 1000 miles off the Euro coast). A fantastically beautiful place. Lush green scenery on volcanic islands. Think Ireland meets Hawaii... 

We'll be leaving again tomorrow morning (could only spend two days here as we used all our weather window time up in Bermuda...) Weather looks good now, so we'll be off in the morning after one more night of sleep in a horizontal position. 

From here - 9 days, ~1000 miles to Lisbon.   (More photo's, video's etc. once we arrive there!)

Fair Winds (Please!)



09 June Check In

They are about 170 miles from the Azores.  Code says the sailing yesterday and today were great.  They will be in the Azores by Saturday morning.  By then, the winds will be picking up to 30 knots.  

I will hear from him on Saturday sometime after they have docked and gone through customs, etc.  


06 June Check in

Glassy calm seas all day on the 6th.  Should catch a little more wind later in the week, and they expect to be in the Azores on Friday/Saturday.  They sound like they are in a routine (doing much better than I would be).  Code said it is very relaxing and they spend their time reading, sleeping, cooking/eating, taking a 'bath', and cleaning the boat (which I am pleased to hear!). 

Will hear again Thursday night.