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August 4th 

We left Puerto Soller on July 28th after a wonderful week on Mallorca.  On our way up the coast we stopped in Cala Colobra, a small cove with sheer cliff walls, a stone beach and tunnels though the cliffs to a lagoon and open field behind. Absolutely stunning place to visit, as evidenced by the ferry loads of tourists arriving every 20 minutes. It was very nice to be happily anchored in the bay away from all the foot traffic.  We left in the afternoon and spent the night in an unprotected cove further up the island. Not much sleep because of the rolling seas. Happy to leave for Menorca early the next day.

On Menorca we stayed one night in Cala Coves, which was yet another spectacular cove. Surrounded by 6000 year old burial caves and even roman ruins (an alter with inscriptions) From here we made for Mao on the NE side of the island. We spent a week in Mao, getting a new anchor chain, renting scooters to explore the island and generally relaxing. We also met Harry and Jane in Mao, a wonderful cruising couple who’ve been sailing (Cormorant) for the past 14 years! 

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