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August 15th

After crossing to Sardinia (1.5 day crossing in calm seas) – we spent the day snorkeling in 30 feet of crystal clear azure blue seas. We left at 0200hours to make for the island of Corsica (Bonifacio, France) We arrived at about noon and anchored in a cove just outside of town. (20EU) Amazingly beautiful town with the old town (1300 years old) at the top of a bluff overlooking the sea. The channel entrance was insanely busy with dozens of yachts, including super-yachts with helicopters on deck having to turn and back down the channel as it is only 100+ meters wide. Has anyone heard that French sailors are nuts?! This was the busiest harbor we’ve seen, though of course this is the height of the season. We were warned.  We ended up staying several nights, to avoid a NW Gale.  We hiked to some remote beaches and toured the old city- complete with drawbridge.  Of course the best part was the crepes- with Nutella and banana. 

From Bonifacio we motored to a small island called LeViza – not much more than a rocky outcrop about 6miles away. Packed full of day sailors for the crystal clear snorkeling and rock beaches warn smooth. From here we went back to Italy (Sardinia) and anchored near Isla Madelena in a national park. More snorkeling etc. We finally picked up a USB stick for internet access and left for Ponza (Pontine Islands) late on the third night.

Ponza is 160nm from Sardinia- Only a day and a half at sea but it felt like a very long crossing?  Worth the trip though as the island is beautiful and covered in caves formed by the volcano that build the island chain. It’s only about 30 miles from Rome so it was incredibly crowded. We were able to find a good anchorage none the less and spent several days swimming and expoloring the caves and swim-through’s. August 14th is a huge holiday in Italy (ie: July 4th in the US) and so we were kept dancing in our bed until 5am by the disco on the beach (about ½ a mile away).  ZZZZZ

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