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18 August: My world this week

Yesteray we went to Rome.  It was really fun.  We saw a bunch of monuments.  We saw the colleseum and got to see where the galdiators fight lions and all those stuff.  I would like to be a Roman.  Romans get to have slaves to do all their work.  If I had a slave right now, I would tell them to fix our house up and make it nice.  I would also tell my slave to beat Aethan up (but only hurt him just a little).  We also saw a statue of Romulus and Remus.  They are kids that drank milk from a she-wolf.  Romulus was important because he invented a new city, Rome.

We talked about a pretend Roman kid named Graemicus.  He lived 2000 years ago in Rome.  We pretended to go back in time to see how Gramicus lived.  We wanted to tell him about iPads and TV, too, that we have in our life.  Graemicus had slaves to take care of him while his mom went to the forum to shop.  He lived in a house much like ours on Palatine Hill (where the rich people lived).  For fun, Graemicus liked to go to the chariot races and go to the colleseum to watch the circus and the animals there.  Graemicus' mom made him go home before the people got killed.

We saw the Pantheon.  It had a hole in the middle of the ceiling, that is where the fresh air and light comes into the big room.  There were no poles to hold up the roof and the weight of itself holds itself up.

We saw one more thing.  There was another temple with a hole in the ceiling.  

We took a bus, a train, and a subway to get to Rome.  It was a long day.  

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