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Q and A: October 31, 2011

Where are we now?

We are in Istanbul.  There are a whole bunch of buildings here.  I saw the Blue Mosque.

Can you tell me about what you saw today?

We were in the car for 4 hours and it was really boring.  Then we finally arrived in Istanbul and we got here by a ferry.  We saw a bunch of buildings that were tall and short. 

What is the best thing about Turkey?

We got to go in a horse.  It was big and there are two floors and big stairs to get on. 


What do you like least about Turkey?

The thing I dont like about Turkey is that there is the evil eye.  It makes you feel like you are sick and your tummy doesnt feel good.  You have to go to someone who knows the code to get rid of the evil eye.  It isnt a big deal, but Aethan is a little worried about it because of his blue eyes.  The one who has the lightest blue eyes is the most likely to get it.

What are you learning in school? 

I am learning that our trip is a school trip.  We have been working on clocks to tell time.  Me and dad, he tells us to get out the books (you might laugh about this, but we do not have a real bell), and then we do school until the afternoon.  When daddy says I am done, I get to ride new bike.  It is new, and it is red.  I need a key to open my bike lock. 

What do you hear right now?

I hear a guy from a minerett.  It is when you pray, but if you go you have to take off your shoes.  It sounds nice.  During school, it is distracts us from school, which makes us want to ride on bikes.

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