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Our Turkey trip.

We started on off in Marmaris, which is where we are staying for the winter.  We first went to Ephesus, which used to be the 2nd largest city in the world 1,000 years ago.  It felt like it was 300 miles long.  I saw a library made from rocks and I saw public toilets made out of marble!  They were just holes with drainage.  Only men could use the toilets.  Women and kids went somewhere else.  We went farther, and Graeme and I saw a mini-amplitheater.  It was very small but very cool because only 100 people can fit in it.  Any earlier on the trip we saw a ampltheater that could hold over 24,000.  My mom was very excited about it because she stood exactly where Jesus' friend, Phil ...or was it John stood and talked about Jesus' religion and people stood there for 3 hours.  After the 3rd hour, the mayor had to come and calm everyone down after he literally got booed off the stage. 

Moving on to Troy.  On the way to Troy, we saw lots of farms; there farmers driving tractors driving along the highway.  On the way, we saw a salt farm and we saw live flamigos that were not it the zoo.  After that, we saw cotton growing on a farm and we picked it fresh off the vine. 

In Troy, more than 1,000 years ago (editors note: about 2000, BC), there was a small city.  Over time, the city grew and was covered in dirt, caught on fire, collapsed, or got took over.  About how it got took over:  it had a war on the 7th rebuild of the city.  The enemies built a horse and one guy stayed behind and convinced the Trojans that they understood that the people of Troy won the battle.  So they gave them a present, which was a big, wooden horse.  But the people of Troy didnt know that there were enemies hiding in side. 

The enemies hopped out at night and they opened the gates to let more warriors in (there were only 30 warriors in the horse), and they conquered the city.

Modern people used technology based on what others told them to make an exact replica of the horse.  I got to go inside.  Then we toured the city of Troy.  Twice.  Then we went back into the horse.  I barely got out in time before a class of teenagers came in and filled every single window and the stairs up to the horse.  All you could hear was their screaming!!

The end.

Editors note: we are now in istanbul.  More, I hope, later!!


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Hi, Aethan!

I enjoyed reading about your adventures in Turkey. It must have been really interesting to go inside the replica of the Trojan horse.

My husband and I just got back from a polar bear viewing trip in the little town of Churchill, Manitoba, Canada on the western shore of Hudson Bay. Lots of polar bears come there every fall because the Bay freezes there first and the bears are eager to get out on the ice to catch seals. We went out on the tundra in a "polar rover" which is like a big, high bus with lots of windows and an open-air viewing platform on the back. We saw about 8 or 9 bears every day and got a lot of great pictures. Polar bears are very curious and would come close to the rovers and sometimes stand up on their hind legs to look in the windows. We also took a helicopter ride to see more bears from the air and we took a dog sled ride which was fun.

Sometimes the bears will wander into town and a siren will warn people of a bear sighting. The police will trap the bears who come into town and take them to the polar bear jail which is a big domed building by the airport. They'll release them when the Bay freezes or if it's a mother and cubs, they won't keep them for long because the jail is very stressful. Instead, they'll tranquilize them and bring in a helicopter to hoist them up in a sling and take them about 40 miles away.

Turkey is on my list of places I want to visit, so I'm looking forward to hearing about Istanbul and the other places you go.


November 3, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterKay Oshel

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